Point/Counterpoint: Notre Dame vs Louisville – Free NCAAF Betting Picks


Notre Dame (9) vs Louisville
Monday, September 2 nd, 8:00 PM at Cardinal Stadium
Swinging Johnson: This week Doug Upstone and I will deviate to dip our feet into uncharted waters and then render our college football picks on the Monday night match between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Louisville Cardinals.
It will most likely be the very first and only time this year we do this, as the last week of exhibition NFL football is somewhat lackluster compared to a regular-season sport of NCAA football comprising one of the very best clubs in the country, and a legendary soccer program to boot, Notre Dame.
Without further ado, lets begin the debate after my buddy Doug Upstone got the better of me last week with a bet about the Steelers while I supported the Titans. Weve been swapping wins forth and back so it appears like its my turn for the wreath, as the Irish are heartily endorsed by me and will follow the squares laying the lumber on a public street favorite.
After reviewing the school football odds almost six days ahead of this Monday night affair, I see the lineup has spiked a half-point on the favorite, opening at Notre Dame -19 1/2 to where it is now offered at a solid -20 across the board at all of the very best internet sportsbooks.
I love the Irish but you are currently leaning in this battle on the Cardinals. Other than the place, why is it that you believe Louisville can hang with the boys from South Bend?
Doug Upstone: Yup Swinger, a successful win and IMO, said a lot about the direction of the Steelers and Titans. Let us move ahead to football, so will our records on this one and where the matches rely.
Remember all those Thursday night matches Louisville used to perform against opponents? They more than held their engineered and own upsets. These were fun games to watch and the Cardinals were a thrilling club.
But just like the former Papa Johns Stadium as well as its counterfeit (in real life) owner, Louisville football last season was worse than a three-day-old pizza.
Scott Satterfield are out to alter the civilization and win games and worked miracles in Appalachian State. This will not happen right away as the talent level is down from theVille. Yet this is a significant time for Louisville, a team which has the opportunity to start taking steps.
Ive read where the Cards trainers have popped up the slow mechanisms of QB Jawon Pass (great name for a QB) and I enjoy Hassan Hall since the lead running back. Than using a ticket for the Colts at OVER 9 for season 23, the protection, well, which makes me more nervous. Please do tell why youve got up your Irish.
Swinging Johnson: The Cardinals will not be doing much since the Notre Dame defense will keep them comfortable in their nest flying into this game. Scott Satterfield is in the big leagues and he has a team coming off of a dismal 2-10 record this past year, where they went winless in ACC activity. This rebuild is akin to taking a hot air balloon and attempting to turn it.
While this may eventually happen, the problem is that Louisville is confronting a group that made it to the CFP last year and owned one of the stingiest defenses in all of college football, surrendering just 17.2 points within the normal season and moving a perfect 12-0 until they fulfilled Clemson in the CFP semifinals. The offense was clicking on all cylinders also, averaging 33 points per match over.
So, my query is, how can be a quarterback like Pass whos slow to release, supposed to get any traction against a swarming Irish defense? Especially when hes working with a trainer and an offensive strategy?
Please, Doug, save me I am lost! I see no way, shape or form in which Louisville will have the ability to keep pace with this Golden Domers and Im desperate to your ancestral wisdom and handicapping expertise that is prodigious!
Doug Upstone: Well, Swinger, Im pleased to read in your last sentence youre coming over to the sunny side of sports betting, or youre simply being the same shrewd a** you usually are. Ill allow the SBR readers that are currently making this is decided on by college football picks. Im the first to understand Louisville wasnt only 2-10, however, 1-11 ATS and sucked last year.
But that staff COMPLETELY gave up on coach Bobby Petrino, like he gave up on the Atlanta Falcons. A fresh attitude is brought by A new trainer and with this being a national game, Satterfield will market his staff on making a statement. Louisville does need to expect the Irish will take them for granted and never have a lot of fight.
Let us also consider, Brian Kelly using the blue and gold is only 10-13-1 ATS as a road favorite, and a mere 7-9-1 ATS when dishing out 20 or more specimens. That defense you said might improve as the season progresses but substituting five starters, whenever you dont/can not recruit like Clemson or Bama, it is going to take some time.
Swinging Johnson: Well Doug, I was a bit facetious because though youve got an handicapping that was impressive resume, then you miss the mark from time to time. And in this situation, because Louisville might be greater compared to last year but I would submit that they could be trained by a Rhesus monkey and enhance upon their deplorable document rendered by an equally inept trainer such as Petrino, you happen to be shooting blanks.
I understand that placing nearly three touchdowns on the road would be square biz for sure and Joe Q. Public never got rich by betting the heavy road chalk, but on occasion the general public is correct, and also in this situation they certainly are. Until when we get down on our NFL Game of the Week next week, let us see what happens on Monday once the Irish come ready to rumble in Louisville.
Free College Football Pick: Swinging Johnson — Notre Dame -20 (-110)
Free College Football Pick: Doug Upstone — Louisville +20 (-110)
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Chiefs vs. Raiders NFL Pick – Week 2

The Kansas City Chiefs made it seem easy last week having a win over the Jaguars in Week 1. Trap spot to start the entire year? The Chiefs were getting none of this, on what they do last year, as they carried. Last week did not come with all positives, however. The Chiefs will be without the services of receiver Tyreek Hill for 4-6 weeks.
That’s a dynamic weapon which isn’t likely to be in the upcoming few weeks or this one around the area to the Chiefs. He couldn’t escape a knee injury, although he avoided getting suspended. This isn’t a crime that relies on one man in particular. Patrick Mahomes but that he likes to work around the ball to numerous recipients. They’ll him, although it’s not likely to be the Chiefs’ offensively’s passing.
Mahomes obtained a new weapon in LeSean McCoy from the offseason. Hefits into this offense brilliantly and’s considerably more than just a working back. Search from the game during the season up with him for Mahomes. McCoy rushed for 81 yards on 10 carries in his first semester as a Chief. The actual winner on the Chiefs’ offense a week was Sammy Watkins. Watkins reeled for 3 touchdowns and 198 yards in 9 balls.
Watkins’ performance cried everybody, but Travis Kelce needed a nice day. Kelce had 3 major receptions for 88 yards for an average of 29.3 yards per grab. Therefore, don’t get sucked into Tyreek Hill’s absence. Later in the year, yeah, Hill will be missed against a team like the Patriots.
Will it matter against the Raiders in Oakland in Week 2? I shall say that the Raiders are likely to get tons of confidence after winning Monday night. Having said that they are preparing on a week for the Chiefs. We’ll see whether they are impacted by this Sunday afternoon. Head below for our complimentary Chiefs vs. Raiders pick.
Betting odds provided by bovada.lv
The Raiders stepped on the area and concentrated on football after enduring plenty of drama and rumors surrounding Antonio Brown. They started the year with a win over the Denver Broncos made sure to make the most of it. It was a nice performance in the home and now they will try to do it all over again against the Chiefs at the Oakland Coliseum. I do not think it was a perfect operation, which they are likely to have to do against the Chiefs.
The Broncos moved the ball and played well enough to remain in the game against the Raiders. However, the Broncos had to settle for field goals and failed to complete drives each game. Brandon McManus attempted 4 field goals last week against the Raiders. Flacco had a radio wide open and it was dropped. The Raiders shouldn’t expect the Chiefs to miss those chances.
Mahomes along with the Chiefs are among the best in the NFL at converted drives. The Chiefs finished 2nd in the league with an 73.8% increase rate in the red zone. As a comparison, the independently owned just 56.82% in 2018, therefore that they should not expect the Chiefs to just lay down when they get near to scoring. Then this game could have been very intriguing, if their chances were finished by the Broncos. The Raiders’ defense must get some of the charge, but they are going from among the most offenses to unique in under a week.
The Raiders are deprived to get ready for the Chiefs’ high-octane offensive attack. That hurts a lot. It could have been fine, but expect it to affect them to give KC a advantage in that regard if they did not possess the Chiefs on faucet.
The 1 thing here’s your travel program for the Chiefs. They were in the west coast in Oakland along with Jacksonville a week this past week. Contrary to the Colts, who need to do something like the Chiefs’ ability level outweighs the Raiders. Yeah, I understand, Tyrell Williams, but the secret will be out of the bag now with him.
Things even . Everybody saw the Raiders play pretty well in primetime and I notice that inducing people to take the 7 things on the home team. Folks really like to confer with what happens in Week 1. Despite that performance, I am not too high on the Raiders. They don’t keep Mahomes up here and likely see a loss by 10-13 points.
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Three Best Value Bets For UFC 222

UFC 222 is a card filled with aggressive, closely contested fights — the principal occasion however. Which means that betting on this PPV is a challenge for most. Do not worry, I’m here to bring you some of the very best value bets that can be made for this Saturday’s UFC 222 occasion.
Cyborg To Win In Round 2 (+250)
We all know that Yana Kunitskaya has approximately 0.001% chance of beating Cyborg — which includes oddsmakers. That’s why Cyborg is going to be among the biggest favorites in UFC history when she steps inside the Octagon.
We also understand that — in all probability — Cyborg will knock Kunitskaya’s head away at some point. But the actual way to make money is figuring out if.
Cyborg is not the balls-to-the-wall, competitive fighter which she was. Do not get me wrong, she is nevertheless a finisher with the capability of finishing any opponent at any moment. However, Cyborg is becoming more patient and methodical in her striking, allowing her to fully maximize her hands and power.
Expect Cyborg to piece up Kunitskaya through the first round while figuring out her opponent’s timing –“Foxy” has a unique striking style that may take a couple of minutes for Cyborg to fully unravel. But following the first round, Cyborg will immediately start hammering the overwhelmed Russian in the next and complete it in dominant style.
MacKenzie Dern To Acquire Inside The Distance (-160)
MacKenzie Dern makes her highly anticipated UFC debut against Ashley Yoder — in what ought to be a freebie for its Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace. However, taking Dern straight up is far too chalky, so you need to look to choose the 24-year-old to win by stoppage.
Obviously, Dern is one of the greatest submission grapplers in MMA today and can easily overwhelm a competitor whose average path to victory is her submission match. And though Dern does not have the most adorable striking style around, she’s among those few strawweights with valid pop in her hands.
Yoder simply does not have an reply to the resources that Dern gifts in this matchup. It’s only a matter of time before the referee is pulling Dern off a beaten Yoder.
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UFC 234: Whittaker vs Gastelum Odds and Predictions

Can Robert Whittaker successfully defend his middleweight belt for the first time in UFC 234 on February 9th?
Can Whittaker push his winning streak to 10?
Will Anderson Silva have the ability to turn back the clock to beat Israel Adesanya?
The UFC’s first pay-per-view of this year will take place in Melbourne, Australia, along with the middleweight title will be on the line.
At the primary event, Robert Whittaker will be seeking to defend his eponymous name for the first time since becoming the champion on December 7th, 2017. Though he fought Yoel Romero in 2018, the fight was a non-title fight given Romero missed weight. Now, he’ll be taking on Kelvin Gastelum.
The fights will occur on February 9th in North America but on February 10th in Australia.
UFC 234: Robert Whittaker vs Kelvin Gastelum Odds
Fighter Odds to Win at Bovada (01/29/19)
Robert Whittaker -270
Kelvin Gastelum +210
Fight Record and Present History
After fighting in 2018, Robert Whittaker (20-4) is back and ready to defend his belt on home land. He’s currently riding a nine-fight winning streak dating back to June of 2014 and is undefeated at middleweight in the UFC. Whittaker won the interim middleweight title over Yoel Romero in UFC 213 in July of 2017 and was encouraged to undisputed champion in December later Georges St-Pierre vacated the name. His last fight was at UFC 225 at June in which he conquered Yoel Romero again by split-decision.
Kelvin Gastelum (15-3, with a single no-contest) will be battling for the UFC name for the first time in his career. Gastelum is really on a two-fight winning streak after knocking out Michael Bisping at November of 2017 and then defeating Jacare Souza by split-decision in May.
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What does “covering the spread” mean in sports betting?

Occasionally when one group is stronger than another, too many people would bet on the exact same team if the choice were just to select who wins. This is a large problem for sports books (the companies where people place sports bets), because ideally some of the cash of those losing bets is used to pay the winners. The sport books can take big losses if there are too many bets on the exact same team. To even things out, frequently a”spread bet” is provided at which the margin of victory in the sport is used to ascertain who wins the stakes.

The sport book will offer a”lineup” for the sport which suggests a minimal margin of success for your favorite (the team more individuals think will win). This minimum margin of success for the favorite is called the spread.

If the favorite wins by more than the minimal margin of success, they are said to have”covered the spread” and those who wager on them will win money.

People who bet on the other group (Called the”underdog”) can acquire their wager in two ways:

1) They win if the underdog wins.
2) They win if the underdog loses, however, the margin of victory is less than the spread.

Be aware that covering the spread is only required for favorite, not the underdog.

If the favorite wins by precisely the spread amount, the bets are cancelled and everybody gets their money back. This isn’t a good result for the sports publication, so they will often make this bet impossible by providing a spread with a fraction. The fraction is nicknamed”the hook”

Spreads are expressed as a number following among the teams. A negative number indicates the team is your preferred. A positive number indicated the team is the underdog. For example a slip line like this:


. . .would mean that the Oakland Raiders are 13.5-point underdogs. If the other team won by 14 points or more, those betting on the Raiders will lose their money and those gambling on the other team would win cash.

When the Oakland Raiders dropped by 13 points or less. Those betting on the Oakland Raiders would acquire cash. If the Oakland Raiders actually win the match by a single point, the betting slip would nevertheless be a winner, but the fan will likely have a heart attack from joy and surprise, which could make it tricky to collect their winnings.
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